Creating Trust is Delicate

When you build powerful trusting relationships with others, you open the door to opportunities, friendships, and a multitude of blessings. Creating trust is delicate. The slightest mistake can break trust and rebuilding trust is often challenging. Human to human relationship building is needed now more than ever. People are missing such tiny social cues that… Continue reading Creating Trust is Delicate


I Know You Feel It Too..

as confusion rises... with the bombardment of ideas, opinions, media madness, people speaking/screaming without thinking... where do all these words go? words spoken with so much passion words strung together that make no sense words that have not been analyzed words that have the power to paralyze words that give rise to fear and anxieties… Continue reading I Know You Feel It Too..

These thoughts of mine…

my inner private world... i am feeling introspective and cautious  feeling so much energy... everywhere much is happening  its overwhelming to be in this skin to perceive so much there are so many perspectives so many reasons so many bits of truth who is right who is wrong is it possible it is both right and… Continue reading These thoughts of mine…