Spiritual Warfare

#spiritualwarfare  Are you feeling it? Along with the increasing energies of LOVE, there are increasing dark energies, entities, ideas and agendas being activated. Also we are being bombarded with disturbing unveilings that are testing many of us on multi dimensional levels. These unveilings will continue and are expected to increase in pace and magnitude. This… Continue reading Spiritual Warfare


Your Thinking Power 

Who do you listen to? Who influences your day to day decisions? Many of us are being led & misled away from our own thinking power. #discern

Who do you listen to? 

Who do you listen to? Who are you listening to?  This is an ongoing conversation/question via my podcast Cafecito Break and the precious souls that confide that they are feeling like they are in the crossroads. If the road seems unclear, perhaps it means more introspection. More time alone to be with yourself and uncover… Continue reading Who do you listen to?