29 Days of Gratitude Testimonials

See below for some testimonials:

The Gratitude Movement birds

~Z. Sarete – Yes! I am so grateful mis hermanitas started this movement, invited me, that I joined and managed to complete all 29 days….woooo hoooo! I must admit that I am proud of myself. More importantly it was truly a life changing experience on many levels. It provided me with a forum to go to on a daily basis and exposed me to a beautiful mindset and wonderful heartfelt words by genuinely loving people! It offered me new and motivating challenges to raise the heart frequency and increase the love energy through affirmation, movement and imagery!!! It provoked me to dig deep and sometimes just on the surface for all that I am grateful for! It created a time for daily life assessment and personal contemplation–meditative moment of loving acceptance for the good and the bad. This daily activity adjusted my attitude on life and about myself hence improving my relationship with others and being fierce about loving life and everyone! The Gratitude Movement enriched my life and expanded my world THANK YOU SISTERS” It made me a believer that with LOVE all is possible!
I am grateful for a second round of 29 days of love alchemy”
Muchisimas Gracias Mis

~ Joe D. – I wish to express my gratitude to the Love Lives Here movement. When I started doing this I had no intention of benefit, I even started 4 days late, but I was wrong! 29 Days of Gratitude has become the catalyst to a transformation deep within my soul, a whisper in my ear that gave me courage. Teaching me to express myself, taking me miles away from where I was, a trip within my mind, and I searched deep within. Ask yourself…What is truly important? There is so much to make you smile, so much to love, and we waste so much time on what is wrong. Why…We listen to all the wrong people. Love like hate is infectious. In time it will spread when people are exposed. This movement created an out pouring emotion, what I received was intoxicating, a high. I want to make the world smile. Now I think, maybe I can.

~Sheryl L – Thanks for inviting me. It has been a very uplifting journey. It has raised my conscience and my soul. It has made me laugh and cry. it has made me see who I really am. (on 29 Days of forgiveness)


M, B  – The past ten days have been life changing as a result of this process. I am struggling with chronic fatigue and everyday is a struggle to get the littlest thing done.

In these days, this process has enabled me to be gentle and forgiving with myself. In forgiving daily and hourly I let go of the resentments and all the indignation I have held on to. Without this I think i would have blamed everyone for what I am experiencing. Perhaps it is the united energy and intention that allows the power of a forgiving spirit to be so active.

Through this I have come to be grateful for whatever still is. Almost as soon as I see fault or something wrong I am called to gratitude. I know that I would have been much much worse had I not engaged this healing 29 days. (on 29 Days of Forgiveness)

~ M. Herum – I wanted to thank you again for the gratitude movement! You have created something wonderful and amazing! Each day is a new miracle and now I see it more clearly than ever. Thank you so much

~Shannon Welsh – So grateful to this gratitude movement and it’s founders and to all who post their Gratitudes, experiences, tenderness and other heart lifting things! It has been a great experience! Hugs to all!

~ J. Nelson – This movement has allowed me to really stop and think and to take a deeper look at my every day life and not take everything for granted. Today I am grateful for this movement.

~C. Foley – This has reminded me to stop and smell the carnations (I’m not a fan of roses)… I now wake up, look in the mirror and LOVE what I see… I then “pay attention” to what is really going on around me! I just love my “new glasses” that allow me to really see my surroundings and appreciate the little things! Thank YOU!

~V. Lundquist ~ Indeed I am very thankful for the daily boost from you and others that have reminded me how OK it is to be grateful and how important it is to say that love does live here! No shame or secrets in honesty!

~C. Seth ~ Thank you for my daily focal point ! I had to look through my life and see what I had done and in a good way and be grateful to feel great in the end. Love does live here.!

~ D. Bender – At this moment, a simple thank you seems most relevant since it’s hard to express how rewarding this path has been and will continue to be. I have been moved to my core by joining this movement and know that it’s given me valuable insights to living a truthful, gentle and fearless life. mucho love to all of you who have taken this journey with me.

~J. Flowers – Oh the last 29 day’s have left me SOOOOO much more Enlightened I’ve felt a shift in me that is truly Magical and I’ve never felt more Calm and at Peace Each and Every single day I feel more Loving energy flowing thru me and around me and the Calm and Peace sets in and i’m truly in Absolutely in Awe of how Blissfully Happy and Content i’m feeling now Thank you for this Truly Glorious Ride of Love Love Love and Gratitude I’m SOOOOO Happy Excited and Extremely Gratefull for another 29 days WHOOP WHOOP lol Love Lives Here I love that SOOOOO much Love, Light, Peace & Harmony Always and Forever xoxoxoxox.”



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