don’t forget your present

time frame 2016 til present... I keep dreaming the same dream over and over again. It's been like this for months now. At first I dismissed these dreams. But I can't anymore. You see, these dreams take place in the same or very similar environments. Three key words come to mind... Artificial intelligence Intelligent life… Continue reading don’t forget your present


Censorship Wars

the other day I was watching a You Tube video where Christopher Greene of AMTV was sharing a perspective that we are living in a digital prison... When I tried to share his You Tube video on my facebook page, it was flagged as SPAM and I was unable to post it... WTF!!! the following… Continue reading Censorship Wars

Cause I’m just holding on for tonight… Chandelier by Sia

“If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief.” ~ Brene’ Brown Before I continue, I would love to say, Thank you Sia!!! Your courage inspires me! This song is powerful... Many people only think of the gloss, of how good… Continue reading Cause I’m just holding on for tonight… Chandelier by Sia