Cafecito Break

Cafecito Break is a show produced by The Perez Sisters NYC donde hablamos de todo un poco/a lil bit of everything.



It is a platform for new ideas, ancient wisdom, holism, and more…

The Cafecito Break Familia is a comprised of a small group of awakening women co-creating and envisioning a world filled with gratitude, abundance, health, love, joy, pleasure, & prosperity for the most benevolent outcome for all.

Contact us at

The Birth of Cafecito Break

It’s birth:  Cafecito Break first debuted on WBAI 99.5 fm in NYC  in March 2012 as part of Women’s Day Celebration.  Our show topic was, “Are You Hearing The Wild Woman Call?”, referring to hearing your intuition and allowing it to guide you. This was such a special experience for me because I was able to fulfill a dream I had been imagining in my head since childhood. I always wanted to be a radio dj.

My immense gratitude for WBAI and for my Spiritual Mentor, Nina Riley who recommended that I submit my show idea.  While sadly, I do not own a copy of that first show, I have a beautiful pic from that day.  🙂

Calling All Wild Women… ah oooo (these are the words at the beginning of each show)

This is by my beautiful niece Lenny.  She calls herself a wild girl, meaning she’s all natural.  And she reminded us the other day that she’s been a goddess since 6.  She is young and wise.  My sister and I learn a lot from her.  This is why she is always the start of the show.  She represents to me the divine child in her/his natural state.  And it also reminds me of the words in the bible, “One must be like a divine child to enter the kingdom of heaven”.

The music of the show is yet another story.  The song for a long time was sitting unfinished. It was a hard reminder of a project that went sour.  Now when I listen to the music, I am grateful that I was guided to “re-purpose it”

We start the show with gratitude. Gratitude has opened me to such a beautiful awareness that keeps expanding every day.  When my father passed away, I set the intention to live my life with an active gratitude practice.  As a result of the life changing experience with gratitude,  “The Gratitude Movement” on Facebook was created.  I set the intention to honor the space and time I share with others.  Life is so fleeting. I want to make sure I take it all in.

Integrating it all:  Cafecito Break allows me to integrate my love for media, people, what I’m learning in my holistic journey, the people I meet, and more.  One of my favorites is working alongside of the women (which includes my sister) that are behind the scenes of Cafecito Break.

On Cafecito we share ancient wisdom, truth seeker information, holism, and more.  It is a space held with love and respect

For more information:

Cafecito Break is produced by The Perez Sisters NYC. For show ideas or suggestions, please email us at


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