Awakening Symptoms…

A look back – Personal Journal Entry – July 20th, 2012

It has been a while since I last posted. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride of emotions, drama, physical, and mental exhaustion for me. This week I am feeling stronger and with more clarity. I feel so grateful for this.

My need to be in natural surroundings is increasing. Since I live in Brooklyn, I spend a lot of time at the pier or visiting the nearby parks.

My need for quiet time and solitude is also increasing. There are days, where I don’t feel like uttering a word and the only thing I want is silence.

My need to be connected to technology such as the internet or my cel phone is decreasing. These tools energetically drain me and hurt my hands and head.

A lot of old stuff has been coming up lately. Situations, I thought were dealt with or far gone, have or keep coming up to surprise me, testing me…

I find that I am sleeping earlier these days and waking up earlier. On other days, I can’t even sleep at night.

My soul wants to play, to feel, to laugh, to dance. She is telling me, “You feed your mind sooo much. Give yourself the opportunity to feel.”

I am listening… Learning to listen with my whole body.

I have allowed myself to slow down. I have been nurturing myself with healing baths, massages, yoga, stretching, and movement.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Why is this relevant?

Because I’m not the only one feeling this way… many people are on a similar roller coaster ride…

Ahhh. Take a long slow deep breath with me.

This ride might get a little bumpier, but what awaits us is so juicy and yummy I can almost taste it.


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