Is This Dream About First Contact?

When the eyes are confused by what they see, the heart will know

I felt a strong inner guidance to share the details of a very vivid dream I had in August of 2012 about “first contact”, galactic beings, humanoids, and government agents.  What sparked that urgency? The times that we are living in…

Again this is just my dream… offering it as an insight that perhaps we need to be looking at the bigger picture right now in all ways.   There are huge things unfolding before us in plain sight.  We cannot afford to be distracted right now.  Use discernment. 

Thu, 08/16/2012 – 08:37

Date of dream this morning

Location: lower East side, nyc

Time: around 10pm Sept Hot Summer evening

It was about 10 pm. I was with my friend and her kids at a restaurant.  A friend I haven’t seen in a long time shows up. We talk, have dinner and catch up.

We were walking out of the restaurant onto the streets.  All of a sudden there is a gasp in the crowd around us. Everyone is looking at the sky seeing a huge image of a face flashing different colors and lights. The funny thing is that this image was also present and live on my iPhone, which tells me it was probably live on all video/tv screens.  I panicked hard… so hard, I left my friends at the restaurant and instinctively began running home to my mom.   I ran across the Williamsburg, Bridge.

I later learn one of them was given a ride as she shows up with her kids at moms as well.

When I arrived at my mothers, I notice everyone that is there is moving around so fast.  I believe my father was there somewhere in the background.  My family seemed to be getting ready to evacuate.  They were rushing around the home looking for what to pack and trying to create a plan while also checking in on the neighbors.

I remember thinking, but where the heck would we go?  Isn’t this “thing” everywhere?  Where would we run to?

My dad is on the other side of the veil, but in this dream he was very much present and helping coordinate the efforts.  I am rushing around trying to figure out what to gather and I see that my mom and family have already started gathering some items like clothes, food, and water.

I then see myself running toward my bedroom (my mothers place looked very different but I knew it was home. ) Some people are knocking at my mothers door and asking for shelter.  I get called to come to the door to greet and welcome the guests. At first glance, I thought they were people from India or an African tribe. (at least the first few men and women that walked in) but looking at them closer, I knew they were not humans.  There was something distinct in their face. It was subtle. Their dress was also distinct.  Then there were a few taller fair skinned male beings. They looked older and had white hair.  A few were human looking and one being was humanoid, but did not have a human face. These beings were wearing white robes. They walked in peacefully, gently and with grace. I knew upon looking at them they were there for me and were not in need  of shelter.

There was a presence about them that felt new and ancient at the same time.  I invited some of them to sit down and some of the women went to the living room.  One woman started to tell me that she has known me for a long time.  She said its been thousands of years since I’ve seen them. She also told me that when I was a child they were sending me the essence of milk (which is nurturing). They said they did that with the intention to get me to “feel.”  “We have been sending nurturing milk to you and the little mouse” that lives inside that tiny hole in the wall. (when I looked at where they were pointing I noticed that there was a hole in the wall about a cm big. I don’t know what the mouse reference was about. Unless it was in reference to my sister, whom I affectionately called my lil mouse when we were kids…  (This is interesting because I was not breast fed as a child and I have been on the “feeling” journey all of my life. At the age of 13, I remember thinking that something was wrong with me because I didn’t feel the emotion of love.  I knew  I loved and honored my family, but I didn’t know what love felt like. This led me to participating in a youth spiritual group and it was there that I experienced love for the first time. This time also marks the beginning of my spiritual journey.)

Back to the dream…  There was a lot of nervous energy around me and a lot of movement as people were panicking and not sure what to make of what they had just witnessed.  As people passed me, I heard some say that the face in the sky was sending out healing light energy that calmed their initial shock and then worked on their being in a way where they felt light within them.  Some said they felt healed.  The streets were filled with people wandering aimlessly.  I also noticed I was being followed by two fair skinned men (They looked human. They didn’t feel human). I kept trying to lose them within my dream.  It felt like they were to either trying to take something from me or harm me in someway. I am not sure why. I do know that I kept avoiding them.

Summary:  I confess, I have had many dreams this week with the very same chaos/excited energy I just described in this dream. I just didn’t remember the details. This dream was very vivid and felt too real which is why I felt compelled to share.

What I learned from this dream is discernment. The message was very clear.  My heart was/is my best guide.  Your heart is your best guide.  We must remember that we can be fooled by what is shown to us.  And we are in days of much visual trickery.

When the eyes are confused by what they see, the heart will know.

Thank you for allowing me to share. 

la shamanessa

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