I Know You Feel It Too..

as confusion rises…
with the bombardment of ideas, opinions, media madness,
people speaking/screaming without thinking…

where do all these words go?
words spoken with so much passion
words strung together that make no sense
words that have not been analyzed
words that have the power to paralyze
words that give rise to fear and anxieties
words filled with the poison of rage
words that shame
words that divide
words that compartmentalize

people blaming others
people becoming the very monsters they vow to defend us from

do they see themselves creating a world with more segregation
compartmentalizing everything and everyone til we are all in tiny boxes with a smart screen in our face!!!

what is the price we pay for failing to discern?

which sources does one trust?
who is telling us the truth?
who do we listen to?

do we have the time to be apathetic? my gut says no!

as confusion rises…
as censorship with Facebook, You Tube, Google, And Twitter continue to rise…

what are doing to protect ourselves and each other?

who is deciding for you and I?

are these decisions for the greater good or the destruction of the sacred?

we are at the crossroads…
what to do

going within helps
sitting with nature helps
meditating helps
sharing truths with others helps

the human soul


protecting it
is a must

-la shamanessa


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