we can not force our world and ideas onto others…

Someone hurt me deeply today… I was caught off guard… 

I was at an event (that I was invited to) creating a sacred space with myself and a woman I know felt compelled to approach me and speak to me in such a way that really impacted me.  She may not have been aware that she was condescending, rude, judgmental and assuming.  She didn’t want to hear that it is possible for two or more perspectives to carry truths…

but she spoke in absolutes and was not open to hearing other perspectives.  

life is not one way.  Nothing is…

Life is a cosmic dance and everyone is in the party and everyone plays a role and impacts the cosmic dance in some way whether they are aware of it or not.

Her energy was strong and intense. It felt like she came in the room and zapped me… My shields were down… (my lesson)

Acknowledging this feeling and this moment helps me to release it faster.  If I don’t, this feeling will be bottled up inside and linger within longer that it should.

Part of healing includes crying… tears are blessings that help cleanse, purify and lighten up. Part of being real is sharing things like this…

There are many people coming from holier than thou places… people who speak without thinking so fast and so strongly.  People with good intentions so charged up with emotion…. wanting so desperately to do good who don’t realize how harmful their actions can be.

We can not force our worlds, ideas, and perceived truths unto others. This is a violation.

words/interactions like these can feel like daggers to people who are empathic intuitive, sensitive.- ra

***update…. I feel much better now that I have shared this. Writing this within the midst of emotional tears was cleansing and healing…  thank you for allowing me to share.  Blessings on your journey.



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