this week felt like a big cosmic test… 

i feel like i have graduated from something this past week… it has been intense… in so many emotional ways. in the past week I have dreamed and reconnected with spiritual mentors and messengers who brought me lots of powerful insights, confirmations, and more. even my dogs sudden sickness and overnight stay in the hospital felt like a big cosmic test… like how will the medicine woman show up when her precious lil dog collapses on the floor stiff? I almost thought I lost my lil guy. He seemed like he was transitioning… and as I saw him lying there unable to move, I overcame my deep instinct to burst out in tears and instead moved into a prayerful state. I told my lil buddy that i loved him dearly and appreciated the 13 years we have shared. I told Charli that it would be ok if he wanted to “go’… I did everything I knew from singing to him, to tuning forks, to Reiki, to lil kisses, and hugs… My lil buddy was in so much pain… I called the animal hospital and took him in… the doc recommended I leave him in the hospital… to leave my lil doggy felt like I had left a piece of my soul behind. That night was a long night.In a beautiful twist of events, the following afternoon, Charli seemed to be doing much better… I am so happy he is back home back to being his old self. 

-what a journey of love and detachment. Grateful. #29daysofgratitude


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