It’s not love… its manipulation…

grateful for breathing room… for time to think and feel all of me without any interruptions or ideas of how or with whom I spend my time with. I am a free spirit… and don’t like being smothered by anything Or anyone.. I can love you… that doesn’t mean I feel mushy… or wanna talk… or wanna hug… or wanna listen to any ideas. Sometimes I want to be quiet… so I can think and be… People have no idea how often in my day to day someone tries to absorb /manipulate me in some way… If you see me and don’t see that I am jumping in to hug you… why do u get so offended… there could be a million reasons that have nothing to do with you personally as to why I don’t wanna hug.

I also don’t appreciate guilt trips because I didn’t show up here or there. I am focusing on me and on my businesses… last time I checked no one was paying my bills… but people love guilt trips and love to volunteer how they perceive I should be leading my life… I do not get into anyones’s business. I am pretty vocal… and if I need help and guidance I have a mouth… If 5 years of producing a podcast about having conversations hasn’t proven I can get my point across…. oh well… Like I said… I have a mouth and know how to use it and will ask for help. I am not a helpless lil girl.

Do not confuse my childlike ways with being childish…. I feel ancient in this skin and know and perceive much more than you think i do… – la shamanessa #29daysofgratitude


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