Dreaming up abundance

questions I ask myself often…

how can I live in my abundance?
how can I speak and think more abundantly?
how can I dream abundance…

3/16/17 last night I had a dream that I was in the Four Seasons Hotel (possibly Florida)  – it was night time. I saw myself leaving the event with Mr. Trump (strange).  In my dream he seemed determined to “show” me something…

He escorted me to a place hidden within the hotel that was like a restaurant/gallery. All of a sudden he turned to me and said… “I will be right back… ” He jumped into his limo to escort another guest home.

This is when it gets interesting… I started to look around the place… (felt familiar) A tall man dressed as a chef started to talk to me and began asking me so many questions. He guided me inside where he felt it would be better for me to wait. I remember looking at my nails thinking… “omg I need a manicure.  how and I did I show up to this fancy event without well manicured nails…”

I was led into an all white room where I saw some of the most beautiful looking crystals I have ever seen. These crystals were dazzling in their brilliance. They were happy and energized and gleaming in their abundance.  I was in awe…  I approached what looked like versions of amethyst, clear quartz and citrine – but they were in the form of coral… coral that was about 3-6 inches tall… waves of them.

I looked to the left side of the room only to see more crystals… crystals that were shaped in ways that I have never seen.  I remember feeling myself and my entire being  I felt in some strange way… like I was “home” –

As I looked at this room filled with crystals… I heard myself say... I know you… I know this language.  I understand.  I see you…  Thank you for seeing me. 

and then I woke up…


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