they are not going to listen…

yesterday was a very powerful day for me. I was called upon to mediate some conflict that had been brewing within a group I am familiar with…. and that is the key word. I didn’t know anyone in this group, but I was aware that there was some serious arguing, gossip, and deep rage. It was a group of about 10 people and there was one huge conflict and lots of lil ones.  Let’s put it this way… someone ended up in the hospital with a stroke.

People who knew that I was asked to create a special circle for them warned me… They are not going to listen and will probably disrespect you.   There is a lot of anger and hurt.”

ooh… that did not feel good to hear, but if I didn’t try, how would l know if I could do it?

It’s easy to stay within our comfort zone.  And I considered releasing myself from the request.  But I kept hearing my intuition whisper… “you can do this.”

Despite my discomfort, I knew I needed to have enough faith in myself and in my intuition.

That morning as I prepped for the healing circle, I began entering into prayer – praying for the most benevolent outcome.  I lit my sage and played some of my tibetan sound bells.  I went to my sacred space where I keep my oils, crystals, and sacred totems and annointed myself with sweet orange and cinnamon oil. I evoked the violet ray of protection and headed out the door.

I set powerful boundaries in the beginning of the conversation and kept my messages clear and simple. I spoke firmly and with love. I assured them that anger and rage are natural feelings. I made sure they knew that I wasn’t there to tell them how to do anything… I was there to listen. My only request was for one person to speak at a time. I played soundhealing music gently in the background and added a sweet scent to the air. I dimmed the lights and we started our conversation which began with the Director who had called for the resolution to take place.

The outcome? Better than I could have ever expected… a few misunderstandings got cleared up… some powerful rage was released, people spoke sincerely and candidly, some people rekindled friendships, and gossip was addressed head on.

We spoke about moving forward and how that would look for the group.  We spoke about awareness and right timing.  For example, if someone is really angry and shouting… is that really the right time for a conversation to take place that will actually be heard?  

We wrapped up the healing circle with some deep slow cleansing breaths, a prayer from one of the participants,  hugs and emotional tears…

All that in one hour… wow…

my result – I feel good and grateful… but energetically I am recovering. That whole experience knocked me out 😉. (This was all before 12pm)

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