don’t forget your present

time frame 2016 til present…

I keep dreaming the same dream over and over again.

It’s been like this for months now.

At first I dismissed these dreams.

But I can’t anymore.

You see, these dreams take place in the same or very similar environments.

Three key words come to mind…

Artificial intelligence
Intelligent life
Cold compassionateless world

Every time I wake from these dreams…

My spirit feels heavy

I feel depressed and feel a deep dark emptiness in my soul…

What is this world? Where is the human warmth of genuine smiles and interaction? Where is the trust?

And then I remember that in this current dream on earth, I’m not alone. I have people around me…  From extreme pain in the asses to people who smile and fill my heart with joy.

I remember there is so much beauty and things to hope and work toward in my present moment.

I remember that I need to love more, hug more, make love more, say thank you more often…

I can see how this world can become that world I visit in dream time.

And I wonder if that me is sending a message to this me, the me writing this message to you now.

I feel my soul whisper…  “Don’t forget your present.”

I am listening…

i love you
ra lil wolf


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