Censorship Wars

the other day I was watching a You Tube video where Christopher Greene of AMTV was sharing a perspective that we are living in a digital prison… When I tried to share his You Tube video on my facebook page, it was flagged as SPAM and I was unable to post it… WTF!!! the following expression was inspired by this incident 

who gives you the right to decide
what content gets posted and what gets ghosted

who give you the right to decide
what is fake news and what is real news

and why now…

how very convenient for you
and for the people you serve and protect

do you really care about freedom of speech
What is your agenda

facts are facts
fake news has always been around

so what is the problem here

unless you fear
critical thought analysis and questions from the members of the independent/alternative media

the evidence is clear
you don’t want a system of thinkers
you want a dumbed down sedated tranced out collective
That could be easily persuaded…

people who believe in freedoms of speech and expression
will never be contained

the war isn’t against fake news
this war is against the truth


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