A time for prayer is indeed upon us…

My dear brothers and sisters…

My message carries a certain urgency,
a call…
an ask for you to evoke prayer.

Evoke prayers for healing, for peace, for love, for harmony…

Evoke prayer for grace.
Evoke prayer for humanity, for protection over our minds,
our hearts,
our souls.

we are at war…
many different versions of a war

each and everyone of us,
we may be going thru some “shit”

Many of us are facing our greatest challenges
Our greatest despair…

we may want to give up…
But something always carries us a lil bit further…

I know many times I feel this way.
Many times when I wake up and I realize I’m still here on earth,
the despair that I feel in the morning, its hard to describe…

but every day when I rise,
I remind myself that THIS IS AN ILLUSION…
And I feel the fire of love burning through me

I see visions of happy people
and I realize that I can co-create another reality…
that I can choose LOVE and Kindness
that I can choose to walk outside and offer a smile to someone
buy a cup of coffee for my neighbor…
or go out and meditate at the park.

Let us call upon the greater benevolent forces.

Evoke your guides
Evoke the angels
Evoke love

And watch beautiful miracles unfold.


la shamanessa


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