Real Talk About Gratitude…

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
~Denis Waitley

real talk about gratitude:

I don’t do it so that I can be like a lil flower puff floating in the sky… (although that does feel good)

I take an active part in gratitude because I need it…

Because there are many days when I wake up and my first real thought is, “oh, what am I doing here, let me go back to where I was..” and then more awareness kicks in and I remember my breath. And I say thank you God/Goddess for another day, for another beginning for another opportunity to make things right, for a chance to live my passion and to tell those I love… I love you…

There are days when I wake up and the feeling of lonliness is the first thing that greets me… Not lonliness of people… I am in abundance of that,

but lonliness living in a world that feels so dense and heavy so much of the time.

These are the days when I hold myself and repeat over and over, “I love you”…

I have no choice but to open my life and make real space for slowness, for gentleness, for ease, for silence, for yoga and sitting in gratitude…

It’s either that or sink into the temptations of depression, anxieties, and mental illness…
I want more of myself than this. I want to be happier, to live happier, to be with good company. I want to be good company. I want peace and I know that needs to start with me.

#loveliveshere #beautystartswithme


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