Moving Thru The Freedom of Feeling…

  Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom… ~ Thomas Jefferson

WTF of a super emotional heart wrenching, heart clinching, heart gasping past few days. I have moved thru very long and difficult conversations. You know, those types of chats that make you feel sick to your stomach with butterflies… where you feel at times that you can’t even really speak because so much anxiety and emotional storms are at war inside you. The fact that we also have some new Crystals at Botanikal called Phantom Crystals only added to my emotional storms. These lil allies are bringing so much up for me…

Taking the time to speak open and honestly and slowly and carefully and from the heart is important.  And it’s something that my fast moving temperamental Aries self has a hard time exploring….  And boy did I resist… and resist… and resist…  but I did it 😉 heh heh

Ha! As I type this I am at my favorite cafe hearing the words to a song that says…  “You can dance if you want to…”, The Safety Dance  ha! shout of to Jancel Vazquez…

ok back to my point… it’s cleansing time… ride your flows.  If you need to cry.. cry, cry like crazy… let it out… in a healthy way please… 😉

This is what I am doing.

Even though this lil heart of mine is still really sad,  I am grateful for every bit of goodness that is in my life and for the beauty and love that surrounds me.  I am grateful for this space… where I can share openly, candidly, and without shame of how I AM feeling…  I aint perfect and I aint trying to be…

Today…  is one of those days. I feel sad…
and there is the jewel… I am FEELING… I am alive.

Gentle is the medicine for me today.  And I will treat myself with my Slow Sexy Sacred Movement class in BK tonight. I can’t wait to release the rest of how I am feeling dancing barefoot in the candlelight yoga studio. Sounds good to me.

oh and one more thing… the only reason I allow myself to share such open vulnerability publicly is because I am ok with the fact that I don’t need to present a perfect picture to the virtual world.  This is me.  This is who I am. This is how I am feeling.

And this means, I aint sharing for pity or because I need or want consolation.  Actually, that’s the last thing I want and need.

I am moving thru the freedom of feeling…  ahhh

Thank you for allowing me to share…

love ya,

la shamanessa



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