Life is moving faster than ever…

Life is moving faster than ever. And sometimes I feel like I have lived a lifetime in one day. It is amazing how many different things can happen in just one day… or how many different feelings and emotions we can experience in just one day. I know I am not the only one who feels “a lil shaken and stirred” or perhaps “a lot shaken and stirred”…

We are moving thru an individual and collective purging. Many of us are re-experiencing feelings or situations we either thought we healed from or left very far behind. So if it is coming up again, please note that it could be coming up for a “final dance” or a final review…

For many this means feeling some very uncomfortable feelings. AGAIN…

Allow and yield… And please keep practicing DEEP SLOW BREATHING FROM THE GUT… Our bodies tend to contract and sometimes we don’t even realize we are not breathing in the precious air that is always around us.

This is when we need to dig into our tool kit and utilize the things that help brings us into a lighter, more peaceful way of being. There have been a lot of Ohms, walks, and “shake what ya momma gave ya” breaks for me lately.

I am grateful for this gratitude practice and I am grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you for your commitment and for trusting this process… And for loving other people up!!! Love does live here. It feels beautiful. Thank you again!!! la shamanessa


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