A New Place… 

I don’t know where I am exactly.
Except that I know it’s a new place.

I am feeling strange

Kinda like me
But an upgraded wiser version

Something has been happening to me
Something is and has shifted.


Allow me to explain.

It’s a new place.

That also feels familiar.

It’s a new place that feels good.

It’s a new place that feels like I have just walked passed the angels at the door of heaven.

The gods and goddesses are arriving to greet me.

They are arriving to activate me.

They are wearing celebratory robes.

Anticipating to witness the moment I step into my grace.

where we all raise our glasses and make the big toast.

The days in the dessert are behind me now.

You see…

I get it now…

Life is a flow.

A flow of energy.

energy that receives
And energy that gives

And before I could step into my grace
I had to let go…


I’ve let go…
Of my old garments
Of the victim stories
Of my struggles
Of my poverty

I stand here
Fully naked
With arms wide open
Receiving the sun
Receiving the love

And as I allow more of the light in

I allow more of my light out

And as I receive that love
I allow it to bless and nurture every part of my body.

I allow myself to receive all of the blessings.

I allow myself permission to feel good about feeling good.

This is my moment.
My moment.
My moment

My journey

Where I meet myself.

step into…

I am ready.

-la shamanessa


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