My Suspicions About Facebook…

I distrust Facebook more than ever…

especially after every update.

it’s like we are getting sold a better picture… the images look bigger.  Everything is brighter… and much more in your face.


I don’t like it

It annoys the shit out of me.

At first I thought I was being a bit too sensitive…

but I know I am not.

Facebook is much more chaotic.  And seemingly deceptive….

we think because we are “seeing more” and that we are actually connecting more…

we are not…

Ever since the major updates, I am seeing less events, less postings, and I am seeing a lot of repetitive posts.

I am also seeing a lot of old posts.

I noticed this over a year ago when my first Facebook profile page “Angels Angel” experienced its first major update.   I am connected to over 4000 people on that page and prior to some of the major updates, I was connecting with a lot more people.  AND I WAS POSTING LESS….

I find that I am now posting more and connecting with less people.

Even my virtual Facebook events have seen a ridiculous drop,  where once I was able to easily get over 800 people to participate, now I am lucky if 50-60 people to attend.

I am also rarely seeing posts that have to do with world information, secrets, and truths, that we should all know about and be a part of…

Feels like censorship to me…

I don’t trust it.  And look forward to finding a more perfect avenue where I can really connect with like-minded souls.

I have made a commitment to start posting less.  And so I begin what will become an eventual break-up with Facebook.

I realize that Facebook is a trap for mindless activities.

One can get lost for hours looking and “liking” everything…  My time and my life and my energy is worth so much more.

And what is Facebook giving me back in return anyway? frustration and more frustration.

We are living in dangerous times mi gente, where technological advancements are destroying our humanity and destroying our one on one communication with each other.  This is just a small example of how that is playing out in our lives.

I can not hold back.  I intend to be a lot more vocal about the fucked up things I keep learning about this world and the many ways we are censored.  We need to talk like a community…

What are your thoughts?

Let’s start a conversation…





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