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“Censorship is saying: ‘I’m the one who says the last sentence. Whatever you say, the conclusion is mine.’ But the internet is like a tree that is growing. The people will always have the last word – even if someone has a very weak, quiet voice. Such power will collapse because of a whisper.” ~Ai Weiwei


New World Order anyone?

Tribal Family Shamanic Trance Dance… This Friday

This Friday…

Tribal Family Shamanic Trance Dance
tribal dance
with Irma & Rosangel lil’ wolf
(Open to Bring the little ones)
Location: Discovery Project, 104 Delancey St.
Friday, Oct. 3 * 7:00- 9:00pm
Exchange: $25 children ($10) (ages 5-12) teens ($ 12)Open to our community we welcome children to join (5yrs and up) to come and experience this inspirational work with their parents or family members.
Come with an open heart to explore nature & our connection with the Cosmos. With the intention to let loose, to breathe & allow your body to move.

Please bring a bandana, water, a rattle or drum, as we jam & journey away to the rhythm of life.

Location:104 Delancey St. Bell #2, elevator to “C” level (F train to Delancey or M, Z, J train to Essex

To Register: Email Irma at or

I am goddess poem

I am goddess

I am
I know this now

for many years I doubted myself
I spoke naively
I slouched my shoulders
and bowed to authority

I listened with obedience
and followed all the rules

but I wasn’t happy
I didn’t feel like me

I didn’t feel love pulsing through me

I felt fake
I felt mechanical
I felt like I was dying inside

because everywhere I looked
someone wanted something else for me
someone wanted me to speak a certain way,
look a certain way, dress a certain way, be a certain way…
and this felt like prison to me

and then one day

and then one day

and then one day

I am a goddess and I deserve to feel good!
I am a goddess and I deserve to feel good!
I am a goddess and I deserve to feel good!

And so I started proclaiming
what god has always said I am

I am that, I am
I am I am I am

I am the daughter of a king and queen
I am my own authority

I am my own sovereign being
I am the guardian of my temple
I am my own thoughts
I am my own journey

I deserve to be happy
I deserve to create what is best for me

And so I gave myself permission
I walked away from familiar comforts
and left most material possessions behind

I journeyed thru the desert
and got lost in my personal hell
or what’s also referred to as…
“the dark night of the soul”

I started to face myself
And slowly found the courage to really see…
the woman I had become
And the woman I wanted to be

and since then I have been releasing
and facing my darkest darkness
and realizing that this unpretty journey
is an invitation to divine connection

it is the journey of awakening
it is the journey of remembering
what I was
and what I have always been

a goddess

I am that, I am…

I am my own supply and demand
I am the creator of me

I am the creator of what I see
I am the creator of what I get
I am the creator of how I live
I am the creator of what I desire

I attract it with my thoughts
I create it with my words

I am that, I am
I am that, I am
I am that, I am

I am I am I am

I am beauty



Contribute to The Guapa Project: GUAPA! – A multimedia arts project representing the Feminine Soul of the Latina Diaspora.

~la shamanessa

So often we go on autopilot…

29 Days of Gratitude Love Recommendation:

“Enjoy ceremony with yourself today.
Create a time each day where you honor your body with some nurturing.” ~ La Shamanessa

So often we go on autopilot and forget we even have a body…
we forget our bodies aren’t robots…

Your own company
This is an everyday challenge for someone like me because as an Aires Puerto Rican Brooklyn Born Woman, I am naturally expressive and passionate and firey and fast. I’m always thinking about the next thing. And being truly in the moment is a challenge because I always find myself living many moments at once.

TOO many times my overthinking has led me to neglect the needs of my body…
and there were signs…
she was getting headaches, couldn’t sleep, felt anxiety, couldn’t stand still, couldn’t focus on the moment, constipated, walking around in a contracted state…
my body was SCREAMING

and I still wasn’t convinced I needed to pause or rest or just stop… hmmm
“It’s just stress.” I thought…

Until the night came where my body was feeling so weak in a way I had never felt before…

That evening everything felt quiet in a way quiet feels when you know death is near. I’ve lost many relatives in my day and death is something I am well aquainted with. I felt I had hours to live. My body felt so still. Surrendered. And at that moment nothing was more important than listening to my body, being with her, and being gentle with her.

I called no one that night. I wrote a letter to a loved one (just in case)… I lit some candles, took a slow long shower and went to sleep in appreciation for every moment that was being offered to me.  I remember holding my chest a lot that night.

I was breathing gently, moving gently, observing everything that was around me and loving it as it was… with no judgement, no could woulda shoulda… just the “isness of the moment” as my beloved says.

As I put myself to sleep that night, I remember saying to God… “Thank you for this rich exciting life… I am grateful for everything and everyone I have shared time with. Thank you for every moment and every breath.”

And then I drifted into sleep land peacefully…
And the next day, I WOKE UP…


Nothing like facing the idea or actuality of death to get a WAKE UP call.

In a society where so many things are happening at once, where everything is moving faster, it is more important than ever to create small rituals in your day where you PAUSE.

Pausing allows you to receive BREATH, provides the vehicle for inspired thought to enter, helps your body relax, eases tension, and so much more.

29 Days of Gratitude Love Lives Here … was inspired to remind us of the importance of creating “Self Love Me Moments” every day. ‪#‎loveliveshere‬ ‪#‎beautystartswithme‬ ‪#‎healingstartswithme‬ ‪#‎gratitude‬

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oh life…


I am grateful for insights.

for new understandings, for deeper awareness.

Each moment offers such richness.
I am grateful for my mirrors… for the fishes and fuego’s in my life.

I am grateful for wild free falling dreams.

I am grateful for life and death, for spirals, and cycles, for two steps back, and one step forward.
Sometimes I swear, I feel the unseen peeps around me chuckle at how I delight them with my 3D ways…

oh life…

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Awakening to the drum…


Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. ~ Tony Robbins

Lil wolf has found her drum… and the story of how this beautiful drum found me is magical. I’ve known for years I wanted/needed a Shamanic Elk Drum. I also knew the right drum would find me.

She came into my life August 1st, 2014 and we’ve been bonding…

All I can say is that something within me feels more complete…

I just met her…but I know her
I know her sound
it connects with my soul

Playing her opens up my heart
makes my body tingle all over
allows me to feel grateful for the new sensations the drumming creates inside my body…

how comforting it feels to have her by my side
as I allow my body
to feel

I will be sharing the magical story of how we found each other soon.

If She-Ra has her sword… And Wonder Woman her magic lasso… Lil wolf has her shamanic drum.

#thisiswhoIam #beautystartswithme

And then the million questions…

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is always a risk

a risk when a person dares to expose themselves…

a risk when you start talking about topics like “feeling multi-dimensional”

Or sharing dreams where you visit other planets and meet different intelligent beings…

There is a risk

when you start talking about something “out of the norm”

Some people want to start looking for…

“the problem”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Maybe you should go to the doctor?”

“Are you sure you are sane?”


NO I am not sane.

no one is… we are all a lil nutty in some place in some area in our life…

And perhaps I am tapping into my greatest treasure

my I am inner wisdom…

Don’t need you to analyze me

I don’t care for your judgements, critiques, or your list of shoulds, or recommendations.

I’m a grown woman…

lets move on.


you can focus on yourself and your journey

instead of your need to keep adding your two cents in mine… ;-)

oops, did I really write that? heh heh

Like Dr. Polo says, “he dicho… caso cerrado”

~la shamanessa