Love is the only Truth… Let’s go there together

My journal entry for 29 Days of For Give Ness

I forgive you for your subtle comments ever so accepted by society that remind me that I’m in this Latina brown skin…

Does my color remind you of servitude?

I am here in service but not to be anyone’s servant.

No one is more than I.
Nor I more than anyone else.

We are blood and bones.
Brothers and sisters in this glorious rainbow.

I forgive myself for every time I allowed offensive comments to play in my psyche and dance and dance in my head and mess with me.

I forgive the anger I would feel every time you would remind me, “speak English, we’re in America”

Shame on you!
Shame on me!

I forgive myself for allowing comments like these to take me away from expressing my mother tongue… Español

I forgive myself for surrendering to the English pronunciation of my name.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel small in your presence.

I am grateful though…

You have been a mirror
and a great teacher.

For in this contrast I am learning to love myself.
And accept myself

And I have realized
that I don’t need to reflect
back to you.

And I don’t want to.

Because this leaves me feeling

And when I look at my surroundings all I see is pain and suffering and madness.

This is not life! This is not living!
This is fear.
This is hate…

Where is the love?

I want to look
into your eyes,
hold your hand and tell you
“I forgive you.”

To make it simple…
I want love
I want to give love
I want to be loved
I want to feel love
I want to see love

I want a return to kindness…
A return to love

And I know I’m not the only one feeling this way…

Love is the only truth

Let’s go there together.


Thank you.



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In Need of a Breath… Our latest Cafecito Podcast

How do we make sense of the Eric Garner Case? So the officer who performed an illegal chokehold was not prosecuted, but the man who shot the video was?

How do we talk to our family and the kids who struggle make sense of the daily injustices we face? Eric Garners last words, “I can’t breathe”, are words many of us resonate with.
Recorded earlier… We invite you to listen to the most powerful Cafecito Break Podcast yet… with Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten with Special Guest, Darryl Aiken-Afam

Darryl Color headshot
About Darryl: Founder of Meridian Touch, “The Art of Letting Go”

Born in Chicago and refined in Brooklyn, Darryl Aiken-Afam has over 25 years experience in the fitness, movement, healing and martial arts worlds. He is an active lecturer on Oriental Medicine & Movement and Meridian Exercise theory, and has spoken at Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Kinesiology Department, and also at various training, fitness and dance centers in the US and abroad.

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Against the Wall and in need of a BREATH

I allowed myself to watch the entire Eric Garner video
my memory haunts me as I witness another brother die…
I almost can’ t handle the collective pain I am feeling…
I can only imagine the pain of my brothers
and sisters
so the police didn’t get prosecuted,
but the man who shot the video did?

Am I living in some kind of nightmare?

It feels like it is.

I find myself almost wanting to give up
I find myself needing, seeking, looking for a FEMININE Presence… someone who embodies the holiness of our DIVINE MOTHER…

where is she? because I need her.  I need to collapse in her arms.  I want to cry as she holds me… I feel so scared and disillusioned at the same time.

oh wait! she’s here..
as I write these words, I feel a subtle shift
she hears me,
“shhhh… I’m here dear one.”

and I cry
the world feels so unsafe
so uncertain
so upside down…

I don’t know what to say to my brothers and sisters

and the children…
they have so many questions
so many things that they point out to us… the adults.

the children who are desperately looking for guidance, inspiration and love… What the fuck!!!

we were supposed to be making a better world for them…!

we are up against the wall.

and the big question is…

will you choose love or fear?


I need to choose love… got a feeling MY LIFE depends on it.

here’ evoking peace
here’s to sharing the collective breath
here’s to evoking the presence of our holy mother
here’s to our exhale

- la shamanessa

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We Can Breathe….

Originally posted on Cafecito Break - with Rosangel Perez:

Set an intention for World Wide For Give Ness..

Another tough week for humanity…

Another tough week being in this skin. I feel disheartened in ways that make my heart ache.

I’ve been at a loss for words this week trying to make sense of the many injustices in our world… and searching for for give ness…

My nephew is 12 years old and attends East Side in NYC. Their school is organizing a march in support of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

he invited me to go…
“We invite the families to join us for the march and help us make it clear that a change is necessary.” -

After I read these words, I cried like a mama mourning the loss of her sons. What do I tell my niece and nephew? What do we tell our children who are our future keepers of this earth? How do…

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Let’s adore each other… Before it’s too late.

May we allow holy love to enter our hearts...

Affirmation: I allow my heart to soften. I allow my heart to open up and feel… I allow myself to receive the love that lives within me. I deserve this love. I am this love. Let love and peace be with me now. Aho. Ashe’ So be it. Punto…
-la Shamanessa


Isn’t Time to Live For Love?

Isn’t it time to live for love and allow for give ness to enter your heart?

It’s a scary step, but its an empowering one. It is a step that will release you from the PRISON of RELIVING YOUR PAST…

Forgiveness is not about forgetting.  Forgiveness is about setting yourself free from the the past.

Start with an affirmation…  I choose to offer myself the GIFT of Forgiveness.  I deserve to live in peace.  I deserve healing.  I deserve to feel safe.  And I set the intention to create nurturing and loving ways I can release myself from all of this pain I have been carrying.

Why Forgive?   When we don’t allow forgiveness to enter our hearts, its like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die…  When we release, cut the chord, we create more space in our lives for beautiful, happier, healthier things to manifest.

We are each writing our own story.  Which one are you writing?

For many years the story I was writing had a lot of words like: fear, constipation, anxiety, sleepless nights, nightmares, night terrors, panic attacks, anger, rage, depression, betrayals, ego, fear, fear, and more fear.

These days, I am grateful to share that I have released many of the above… And I also have a whole lot more to go… But this doesn’t stop me from wanting love, wanting to embrace love… real love… not that fake do this for me and I will love you stuff… 

I’m talking about holy love, spiritual love, awakening love, sensual love, a love that opens up when we dare to open ourselves to it…

When we allow ourselves to take a step… 

Let’s live for love instead… we can always choose to love.  Join us for 29 Days of For Give Ness…. a Free Virtual Event

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Tribal Family Shamanic Trance Dance… This Friday

This Friday… Dec 5th, 2014

Tribal Family Shamanic Trance Dance
tribal dance
with Irma & Rosangel lil’ wolf
(Open to Bring the little ones)
Location: Discovery Project, 104 Delancey St.
Friday, Dec 5th * 7:00- 9:00pm
Exchange: $25 children ($10) (ages 5-12) teens ($ 12)Open to our community we welcome children to join (5yrs and up) to come and experience this inspirational work with their parents or family members.
Come with an open heart to explore nature & our connection with the Cosmos. With the intention to let loose, to breathe & allow your body to move. Please bring a bandana, water, a rattle or drum, as we jam & journey away to the rhythm of life.

Location:104 Delancey St. Bell #2, elevator to “C” level (F train to Delancey or M, Z, J train to Essex

To Register: Email Irma at or