Care About Peoples Approval & You will be their prisoner…

(Originally Written August 2012 at a time when I knew I had to stand up for myself. This blog post below helped me heal some childhood wounds I had been carrying. It felt powerful to write these words. The energy of these words created a powerful intention. I am happy to share that I don’t felt the heat of these words any longer. There is a greater peace within my heart.

That being said. There is a place for every emotion and expression. And for my healing journey, this expression was necessary. )

“Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner…”


I release myself from the lower vibrations and fear based opinions of others.

I do not care what you think or don’t think of me. I am not here to convince you to take my path nor do I need convincing of which path is right for me. I am not looking for or seeking anyone’s approval. Neither am I asking you assess me or give me your opinion of whether I am living my life the right way or according to your standards.

Live your life. I am living mine. If it doesn’t agree with you, please keep those opinions to yourself. Realize that words and thoughts have power/energy behind them.

My intention is love. My intention is to seek and learn truths as they unfold for me.

My intention is to align myself with beings that celebrate me, not those who try to bring me down with their negativity or fears. I do not need this poison. I do not bring it to you and will not carry it either.

“Oh, she must be bewitched… Oh I have a feeling she is up to no good and is surrounded by evil…” Look into my eyes. Feel me. You will see there is only love.

Mind your words and your thoughts. They are energy and I FEEL them.

Soy bruja. I am a witch.

The word witch… means wise. I carry a wisdom within me that is ancient. I will no longer apologize for that.

I have had this awareness since I was a child.

I will no longer play small, no longer allow you to step all over me. I am not your doormat.

I only have one main guide and that is my inner being, the Christ within, the wise woman, the wild and holy woman, the I am presence.




~la shamanessa

CB: Monday Mornings – The Awakening Woman with Jackie L Robinson

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Our topic today… The Awakening Woman with Jackie Robinson

Jackie L. Robinson

About: Jacqueline Robinson is a visionary of the heart. Over the last several years, she has come to understand her soul desire to lead women in calling back their own voice as the Divine Feminine. She is the creator of the online community and retreat center Sacred Circle Retreats, and has been writing on her own website for nearly four years. Her passion is feminine collaboration and awakening, and she follows the whispers of her heart in understanding each ‘next step.’ A New England native, Jacqueline now lives in Atlanta with her husband and three grown children.

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Let’s set the intention together…

Many of us are feeling unsettled…

Questions of safety, health, and finances are such major stress factors that it hardly leaves room for important things like family, friends, and ourselves to be enjoyed.

It is hard not to feel overwhelmed….
Even for those of us who are doing this healing journey every day.

There is so much more happening…

For example, doesn’t it seem like time is moving faster and faster? Our relationship to time is changing.

Our bodies are also changing and transforming and this is a universal thing :). This is why so many of us have been feeling extra tired, moody, grumpy, sleeping more or purging from a lot of emotional stuff.

These times can be and are very challenging… But we can choose to set the intention to “allow”. We can choose to be non-resistant.

Ever notice the tree branches dancing in the wind? They surrender. They allow the wind to dance and twirl them… They yield.

The energies around us are powerful. We can use these energies to create more chaos and resistance or create beauty and love.

Let’s set the intention together to allow for things to flow freely in our lives.

Let’s set the intention to stand in our power, to stand with grace and love…

To co create and manifest our dreams And to stand for truth.

May this month be one of beautiful dreams manifesting.

~la shamanessa

Do Not Deny The World of You…

(A message received this morning…)

I am the wise one

I live inside you

Asking you to allow
your Expression
to flow

You have tried…

But you have not allowed yourself to write on paper much.

Write with pen and paper

You must continue to write…

Write with a pen and paper

This is your connection to your godliness

Technology is taking this away

Writing with pen and paper seems old fashioned and outdated these days…

This is a trick.

Wise men…
Keepers of old knowledge
know this.

They always write.

And keep this free flowing connection to source.

Everything is digital
Our world
Our lifestyle
Our socializing…

Much is being lost this way.

Technology brings us closer and further away.

You risk losing you.

Hold on to your thoughts
Hold on to your expression
Hold on to your art
Hold on to your creativity

You are

Much more valuable
than material items

When you die
Material items stay behind

Your art
Your song
Your words
Your passion

Is yours and only yours
And it’s an one and only expression


Hold on to your thoughts
Hold on to your expression
Hold on to your art
Hold on to your creativity

Do not deny the world
of you

the world Needs you

The world needs your unique expression now

~la shamanessa

The innocents need you…

divine child“How come we play war and not peace?”
“Too few role models.”  ~ Bill Watterson


This is “Para”… She is the representation of my inner child. At first Para would show herself in smiley pics… then she manifested herself into an Ocarina that was brought over from Ecuador from Achic Mama, Susana Tapia Leon… Para has now manifested herself as a doll… A gift from one of my Medicine/Curandera healers/teachers, Irma StarSpirit.

Para has already experienced her first ceremony… And already some testimonials… One of the women at our Shamanic Circle said she heard Para talking a lot to her…

Wow, that really stumped me… This doll has a lot to say… She is vibrationally exuding love and innocence and the gentle gaze of the divine child that lives within each and everyone of us.

I have a feeling “Para” is here for a much bigger reason… and as funny as it is for me to even see myself type this, I have to admit, that Para is bringing very powerful medicine that is needed so much at this time.

We need to be more gentle and kind with ourselves and others.

And we need to stand for truth.

We need to speaks our truths.

Too many innocents are harmed each day because people are afraid of speaking up!!!!

Stand up and defend the children. Stand up and defend your inner child. Embrace that connection and take action now.

The innocents need you…

I am grateful for Para in my life. ~ la shamanessa

The World Is Ready For You Goddess… Rise, Rise, Rise

The song of my soul
Is echoing inside me

The song of my soul
Invites me to share

The song of my soul
sings, “Come and sway with me…”

The song of my soul
Is the story of many lives

The song of my soul
Is my song over lifetimes

The song of my soul connects me to the wisdom of the ancients, the wisdom of my ancestors, and the wisdom of the divine feminine

The song of my soul
Has brought me to this moment

She says…
now is the time

The world is ready for you Goddess

~la shamanessa