Love like you don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks…

We are love at our core…

And mainstream corporate entities have brainwashed and are brainwashing us away from love.

we are being brainwashed away from family and partners…

we are being brainwashed to always want to latest new thing…

And so we disregard the good “old” thing that was imperfectly perfect by living temporary moments and highs with people and things until we get bored and move on to the next thing.

We are being socialized to be scattered in our minds and thoughts and patterns. We do this when we watch tv, eat food, and write at the same time…

We are not really paying attention. They tell you… “wow you are a great multi-tasker”, and maybe you are…


you are not being present.

there’s no focus.

Hence, living a scattered life…

This is a pattern and a life style that will never truly satisfy….

all it does is keep you in an excited state of being… always wanting more, always wanting the next thing,  always wanting what appears to be “the latest model”

we move so FAST that we have gotten to the point where for many of us it is hard to

really listen

and pause

and SLOW down…

and even worse…

we have moved away from Love in a way that is hard to witness,

where people who are “in love” or talk about love get mocked and provoked and envied, instead of celebrated…

Being in love and in couplehood is “old and boring…”  (supposedly)  

Or an illusion that really truly that does not exist…

Someone once instagramed… “Love got harder to get, cause sex got easier to find”… hmmm

We have become so afraid of love…

We have become so afraid to allow ourselves to be fully naked and surrendered to another person…

because this means we need to be naked and surrendered in love to ourselves first.

yet we want it and need it and crave it and talk about it…

and often when LOVE  presents itself, we run away from it, we devalue it… we stop watering it, or take it for granted because we think it will always be there…

and then love starts to wither away…

And then sometimes it’s too late…
By the time you realize what you lost it might be too late to get it back again.

Yes… it is scary to face yourself and to truly allow love in…

but I will tell you, this is where the honey is…

It’s time to embrace love once again. It’s who you are.

And personally…
I am done with pretending love doesn’t really matter to me..

Love matters!!!

It’s everything…

And I refuse to die without living this life with love and passion.

And everyday I rise, I evoke love.

I proclaim that love does live here!

Yes babie, that feels real good to me!

wepa 5 million times!

~la shamanessa


Every Thought Every Word Every Action Is A Prayer

every thought 3

Your thoughts, desires, words, & actions, create your reality.

When you think or speak negatively you attract more of the same.

Speak love and gentleness and attract love and gentleness.

~ La shamanessa

Creating a Kinder World – our latest Cafecito Break Episode

La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez:

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. ~ Audrey Hepburn


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Our topic today… “Creating a Kinder World” 

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A Healing Prayer…

Healing Prayer by Rev. Jack Addington (IGAS) Arizona

I bless my body, it is the temple of God, pure Spiritual substance.
Every cell in my body is activated by divine intelligence.
Every organ in my body is activated by the involuntary life within me in perfect harmonious action.
Each organ in my body is a perfect part of a perfect whole.
The perfect wholeness that is God expressing as me.
I bless my body and give thanks for it.
It is a faithful servant provided and maintained to house the individualization of God known as myself.
I bless my body and release it in perfect confidence to the Father within who neither slumbers nor sleeps in His care for me.
And so it is.
Amen – Amen – Amen!

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Going Into That Quiet Space Within

Sometimes you gotta go into…
that lil place where all things stop

Where silence takes on a new meaning

Where one must set intentions
to sit

One mouth
Two ears

I have done a lot of talking and writing
In my life time



A person

Needs to Just

And listen

I’m listening…





We are Guapa… “Mamasotas, Lucious Minds, Bountiful Curves…”

Wow Peggy…  I feel chills all over my being everytime I see and hear your voice in “We are Guapa”.

Mama Glo… you are truly a Guapa Goddess!  Abundant blessings for this beautiful vision you are creating.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of  this very special guapalicious wise crone goddess group of visioneras ;-)

love you guapatonas! 

Please support the Guapa Project

GUAPA! – A multimedia arts project representing the Feminine Soul of the Latina Diaspora.

The GUAPA Project™ is an intergenerational, multimedia arts project representing the feminine soul of the Latina experience. It highlights the achievements and life lessons of Latina leaders and innovators through photographic and video narratives, a theatrical performance, a coffee table book and accompanying personal development workshops. The GUAPA Project™ is a local tribute to women that connects the experiences of our divine Guapa Goddess with women everywhere. Phase 1 of The GUAPA Project™ will premiere in March 2015 for Women’s History Month.

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What is Happening to Me? Awakening Symptoms

for my lil fuego, you inspired this share… 

I have spoken to so many about this, that I felt guided to share a private journal entry to offer a view point of what happens to some of us who are experiencing awakening symptoms

Journal Entry Jan 2013

I feel activated… 

I’m feeling sensations in different parts of my body.  My skin is tingly.  For the past two weeks, it has been mostly my feet and hands. Today for some reason, I am feeling certain vibrations so strongly that my body can’t almost handle it.  I have been feeling nauseous, been experiencing dizzy spells, and running for foods that are grounding. 

Even the vibration of human voices is penetrating my being so deeply… I realized this when a gentleman at one of my favorite coffee shops in Brooklyn sat down next to me.  He had a very bassy voice and when he spoke, I felt the vibration of his voice on my lower back.   This is also happening to me with music.  Certain sounds in a song seem to pierce through me today.

hmmm  How does this feel? Oh boy… it feels intense.  Not very pretty. 

It also feels necessary.

I’ve experienced something similar when I had peak Spiritual Awakening experience in the Summer of 2010.  I felt like I had been birthed into a new world and it took a while for me to adjust to feeling vibrations on a heightened level.  Today, it seems clear to me that I am experiencing more of this.  

Forgive me in advance if I shy away from talking or socializing.  I need to allow these energies to integrate.

Love you gaias!

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