Feeling Multi-dimensional Part 2

Today’s been a tough beautiful day
not sure why
well it could have something to do with the solar flares
and uranus/pluto square
but there’s been a lot of purging
Emotional Yes
a lot of tears… happy ones
-tears when I read some of the posts on The Gratitude Movement. Feeling joy to be connecting with amazing people everyday.
i cried when I saw Frances Lucerna from El Puente Presente this am. At the moment I was listening to “The Radiant I am” by Emma Curtis Hopkins… a woman who was involved in organizing “The New Thought Movement”.  She was a woman known to embody great wisdom and poise. She passed in 1925 and I recently discovered her, or shall I say rediscovered her work. I felt a connection… as if a portal had opened for me when I connected with this text. As I was imagining who in my present day moves me in this way… I bumped into Frances… Have you heard her speak publicly? She is a goddess in true form. Always embodying such poise, wisdom and grace.
-And today the moment came together in such a sacred way that I just allowed myself to feel and cry at the beautiful sychronicity. I cried in front of her and I didn’t feel stupid, or embarrased, or shy… I allowed myself to be in that moment with her. I felt my heart expand in such gratitude for her hard work and dedication to Los Sures Community and El Puente.
*And this was only the first few mins of my day….
-I also really miss my dad…. and I cried as if he had just passed away.
-I also shared a “where the fuck am I, I don’t belong here” tears… for all those days when I wake up and feel like this is not really where I’m from.
-I cried tears of gratitude… because God is connecting me to my soul family. And I am finally feeling like I am coming home
-I cried tears of change… because I can feel great change is upon me, upon us.
A new world awaits us… it is ours…
I’m ready to live a better life.
Are you?
I feel expansive
in a dream like hazy state
Am I dying
I feel like an old crusted shell is crumbling away
And in this new skin
I feel a bit crazy
very sensitive
a lot of writing pouring out of me
a lot of everything pouring out of me
feeling introspective
grateful for the silence and the stillness at this moment
what a wild ride
***please don’t call me right now… I am enjoying the peace***


And then the million questions…

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is always a risk

a risk when a person dares to expose themselves…

a risk when you start talking about topics like “feeling multi-dimensional”

Or sharing dreams where you visit other planets and meet different intelligent beings…

There is a risk

when you start talking about something “out of the norm”

Some people want to start looking for…

“the problem”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Maybe you should go to the doctor?”

“Are you sure you are sane?”


NO I am not sane.

no one is… we are all a lil nutty in some place in some area in our life…

And perhaps I am tapping into my greatest treasure

my I am inner wisdom…

Don’t need you to analyze me

I don’t care for your judgements, critiques, or your list of shoulds, or recommendations.

I’m a grown woman…

lets move on.


you can focus on yourself and your journey

instead of your need to keep adding your two cents in mine… ;-)

oops, did I really write that? heh heh

Like Dr. Polo says, “he dicho… caso cerrado”

~la shamanessa

This is who I AM….


Take it
Or not

I really don’t care

I am not interested in following the masses

I am interested in exploring me…
My mind
My body
My soul

I am presence

My self proclaimed sovereignty
I am not interested in following a doctrine

Or in repeating the verses you know so well

I am interested in my Godliness
in the heaven and the hell that exists within me

I am not interested in being contained in a box

I am interested in allowing my body to come alive in wild unapologetic passion
When I dance
When I speak
When I make love…
When I create love

Yes this is me

A free spirit
that is uncontainable


I am
Quite intense

And I am okay with that

Cause this is me…


-la Shamanessa


Slow Sexy Sacred – Bellydance Yoga… This is more than just a class

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.” ~May Sarton

Slow Sexy Sacred was officially publicly born on Friday the 13th of June 2014.

Slow Sexy Sacred is a class that was written by me, my higher self, my ancestors, and the goddess/mother earth energy
She was also written within a seen and unseen sacred sisterhood circle. We started writing it shortly after my father passed away in 2009.

I have tried in the last four years to share this class publicly and every time something was just not right…
I invested a lot of money and time renting spaces. I tried negotiating and coming up with creative ways to offer this class and something just never worked out.

So I yielded. I paused. After so many tries I came to the conclusion that she was just not ready to be born.
But in the past few weeks, I received the message. It’s time. And so I am happy to announce that Slow Sexy Sacred is about to be born. This class is an offering where my intention is to create a beautiful nurturing space anchored in love.

It is me showing up to the world in the way I have only dared to visit in my dreams…

I love you, la shamanesaa

Slow Sexy Sacred – Belly Dance Yoga with Rosangel Perez



Bellydance Yoga with Rosangel Perez

Gentle easy movements, breath work, chanting, laughter & meditation enhanced by a music selection intended to “get you out of your head” and into your body. No exp necessary.

Lets explore.  This class is not based on technique… it’s foundation and intention is feeling your sacred sexy self…

Benefits: promotes relaxation, ease, helps release stress, tensions, and anxiety…

Bring your yoga mat. Please arrive on time.

Friday, September 19th 8pm-9pm $10 (reg $20 -happy birthday botanikal special)
Location: Y-7 Yoga
(located lower level at 240 Kent Ave)

Register for classes at Botanikal or by email: theperezsistersnyc@gmail.com

Botanikal Featuring Crystal Connection Stones is located inside “The The Shops at 240 Kent Ave
240 Kent Avenue between North 1st and Grand St.
Williamsburg, BK 11249

Feeling Multi-dimensional…

Some strange days…

perceiving a lot
feeling a lot
seeing a lot

where am I
where have I been going to in dream time?

there are subtleties
so subtle
they can be missed
by the untrained eye and body

we are spirit
we are body
we need to commune with both

I love you holy temple
I realize I fly out of this body way too often

I am grounding
a holy place
I am grounding onto you mama earth

holding you
feeling you beneath my hands
my feet
my entire body

I feel holy
in a new way

I am coming home.

~la shamanessa


La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez:

You are beautiful… I am beautiful… Let’s be beautiful together! #beautystartswithme

Originally posted on Cafecito Break:

“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”
~ Kate Angell, Squeeze Play

Recorded earlier: Cafecito Break Hosts Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten talk about “Beauty Starts With Me”  Please click the link that follows to listen to our show.




-thank you Ruthie Guten for inspiring this movement.  Please share your testimonial with us at www.beautystartswithme.com/

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