The Radiant I am… A Self Healing – Emma Curtis Hopkins

In the beginning was the word…


THE RADIANT I AM (source: Self-Healing) Emma Curtis Hopkins)

The listening disciple becomes a preaching apostle. Standing at the Center of Being and looking outward over the world, instruction is received from every quarter. But who hath told himself that all the objects he beholds and all their movements also are but projections of his own judgment? He seems always to be a learner and a seeker till at the center of his consciousness the fact is suddenly proclaimed that he himself produced the world as it appears.

Then he no longer listens to informations from without; he authorizes from himself what he would see and hear and touch; even what he would know.

I have been a listening disciple. I have let people and objects and activities come toward me and impinge upon me till I have been overpiled and mountain- covered with thoughts. But now I know that I AM at my own Center, authority over and through my universe, and I shall ordain my twelve disciples, or my twelve powers, to spread my Original Nature abroad till from me to the utmost stretches all is my Divine Ego.

It is the teaching that all is Spirit, and matter is not obedient shadow-picturing thereof, which is the final subtle message toward me that makes me see that I AM what I AM and alter not. Spirit is the gentle Mother doctrine among the doctrines of the world—gentle but inexorable. She brings to exposure the Man Child, my I AM—who shall rule all nations with a rod of iron. The iron that is strongest is magnetic. It rules in the earth by holding all the particles together. It rules in the sun. It rules in all the spheres. They roll because of the magnet. So all my being has moved because of my I AM. So all my universe shall wheel to my ordination.

This is my ministry. I am glad to give myself to my Self and to give all my world to my Self and let my Self do in judgment twelve works upon the earth.

This is my ministry. I have heard all I shall ever hear. I know all I shall ever know. I now make my Self known.

I make my Self known by speaking, thinking, writing and living the word of my Self—my I AM. I reign from sea to sea and from the river to the uttermost parts of the earth. I reign by my knowledge of my own I AM and its last name. The name of my I AM in the last days of the manifestation of a universe, which I made by not speaking from my Central Point, is Jesus Christ. The I AM in me is Jesus Christ. I speak boldly of my Self to the world in which I walk. I think from my Self forward over its surface through all its substance. I write what I know and I write what I AM, and what I write is the fibre of all things. They shall feel themselves knitting into transfigured embodiments by my written words. “Write what thou hearest and give it unto the churches.” (Rev. 1:11)

I live as a breath of life forward and back through the universe. I AM the conduct of my world. What I do it does. Conducting from my Center, I satisfy my world with what I AM. My world can find no flaw in Me. I can find no flaw in my Self. Because I live at my Center, ye live also. My rod of iron is my being what I AM and knowing it.

“We give Thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, because Thou hast taken to Thyself Thy great power and hast reigned_” These that are thankful are my powers. I AM Lord God Almighty to my own powers.

I AM power of Life to the universe. Because I live, all that hath form or name shall live. There shall be no death nor fear of death throughout the boundaries of eternal spaces from this day forth forever. That which proceedeth forth from Me is Life and the power of Life forever. As I breathe, the creatures of the sea and air and sands rise up refreshed and there is no power against their life and no ending of their life forever from this day forth.

I AM the unending, irresistible Life of the world. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this. This is my ministry which I AM. “Let us give ourselves to the ministry of the Word.” (Acts 6:4)

I AM the power of Health to the universe. Because I AM holy at my Center, I make whole wherever I decree. I AM authority. There shall be happy, joyous, free, fearless Health through this universe from this day. All that have name and shape shall this day lift up their heads with new refreshment. The elixirs of a fadeless healing shall steal through them. There shall be no disease or sickness from this day of the Lord onward. “The inhabitants shall not say, ‘I am sick.’ Any more.” (Isaiah 33:24)

I AM the unending, irresistible, beautiful Health of the whole universe. I, its Center, shed my Health abroad. This is my stopless ministry. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this.

I AM the power of strength to the universe. Because I AM unalterable, I AM omnipotence. I minister myself abroad. All that have shape or name feel stealing through them a reviving strength from this day which nothing shall ever interfere with. I strengthen wherever I decree. I AM Authority. There shall be lifting up and strong godliness throughout all mysteries of height and depth and plain and valley from this day onward. There shall no faintness seize upon anything. There shall no weakness touch anything. There shall no feebleness be heard of forever and forever. The prophecy is fulfilled in me which reads, “When men are cast down, thou shalt say, there is lifting up.” (Job 22:29)

I AM the Strength of the universe. This is my ministry. Strength that proceedeth from me is irresistible, unending. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this. I AM a tower whose radiance is elixir for infinity.

I AM the power of Support to the universe. Everything that hath shape or name is upborne and prospered in all its ways from this day on. There shall be no lack or disappointed effort. All shall rise and have self-respect from this day on. I from my Center AM a radiance of upbearing sustainment through all this universe. There shall be no poverty, no lack, no want from this day forth.

I AM the sufficiency of my universe. It is my decree. The elixir of bounty, of prospering effort, spreads forth from me. This is my irresistible, unending ministry. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this.

I AM a tower whose radiance sheds abroad Protection for infinite kingdoms. That which speeds forth as my radiance is the Holy Spirit of Revelation. I AM the unending peaceable defense of the whole universe. By Me all that have name or

shape are safe and secure running, or walking, or flying forever. They shall not fear. They shall not be attacked. They shall not be hurt. The days of hurting have flown away. The dreams of danger are past. Things wake as my mighty elixirs spread through them borne on the streams of my word, my thought, my writings, my life breaths. They rouse themselves. They are safe forevermore. “They shall not hurt or kill (destroy) in all my holy mountain.” (Isaiah 11:9)

I AM the security of the infinite stretches and of the near creations. “Peace, peace to them that are afar off and to them that are near.” (Eph. 2:17) This is my ministry. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this.

I AM the power of Mind to my universe. Even the stones shed a message intelligible to all other shapes and names because of my being the intelligence of all things shedding my nature forth without stopping. No foolishness or ignorance shall ever shame anything visible or invisible from this day on forever. Its Presence is its wisdom. Its Presence is its information. An elixir of intelligence is on its stopless march from me at my Center forever through all the reaches of space and formulation.

I decree intelligence. I decree Mind. I think and all the universe thinks divinely like Me. My Mind is not as the former mind which could change or stop. It is the Jesus Christ Mind whose word shall not pass away.

I AM a tower whose radiance is unending Wisdom through all things. This is my ministry, My Logos. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this. I AM the radiant Logos in Mind.

I AM the power of Speech to my universe. My tongue is its tongue. What I say, it says from its smallest atom to its gigantic formulation. My Central Name is my tongue of radiance. All that speak, speak of the I AM. One tongue only shall speak. Its language no man or stone did hear nor could ever hear till I should speak from my Center. I now speak what I speak from my Jesus Christ Name. So atoms and angels speak a new heaven and a new earth into their own view, empowered by my tongue with its elixirs of fire. I speak and the universe uttereth itself.

I AM a tower whose radiance sheds eloquent Speech through atoms and man. This is my ministry. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this.

I AM the power of Writing—Recording—Witnessing of Jesus Christ and the Name folded within the gates of that Name. What I write the world writes. I fix my hallowed glory with my fingers and all things fix themselves to go no more away from their home forever. The Written Word is the haven of man and of beast. I AM the inspiring pen of the world. I shall find my inspiration everywhere. Nothing unlike my writing lives. All except my inspirations vanish. I AM from my Center the fixing and transfixing pen. I shall not faint or fail to fix my glory everywhere. I AM man’s inspiration with his pen and I inspire all things to record me as I AM.

I AM a tower whose radiance is the inspiration to pen itself in its divinity in every shape and name through infinity. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this.

I AM the power of Song—Joyous Song that steals in unquenchable smiling through the universe. I AM the Eternal Smile. As I shed my Self through the atoms and through the globes, they sing. I AM the joyous song, unquenchable, unhinderable forever. No other sound but singing, no other voice but joy is heard from this day forth.

I AM the inspiring joy of my world forever. This is my ministry. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this. There is joy beyond ecstasy. I AM that joy.

I AM the power of Skill for all things. From me there steals forever a quick touch of skillfulness through all fingers. No child needs to be schooled, no bird needs a teacher, no angel needs a helper. All can do their part and they can do what they will to do. There is no incompetency or need of learning from this day on forever, anywhere.

I AM a tower whose radiance is a skill-inspiring elixir, stopless-eternal. This is my ministry. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this.

I AM the power of Beauty and Judgment. From my poised place I AM the poise of the ages of men. I judge, and my judgment is what all things go by. They judge like me. I set the features of things into balance and this is their beauty. I balance the atoms that flow in the skin and its balance is its beauty. I set the inner parts into harmony by being the central judgment of eternal facts.

I decree and there is no injustice. Nothing falls into mistake. Nothing is unjust. The scales of my judgment are the scales in the hearts of all men. They will not fail to use these scales. And thus order and beauty reign from Pole Star to Southern Cross and from right-hand to left of the worlds beyond worlds. “He shall not faint or fail till He hath established judgment in the earth_” (C.f., Jer. 23:5) I AM a scale whose rods are the beams of unbreakable right. My judgment is right judgment. As I judge, so it is.

All the poise that I AM I radiate through all the universe and all things feel the joy of adjustment. This is my ministry. This is my nature. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this.

I AM the power of Heaven to every atom and to every archangel. From my Jesus Christ Center of Being I shed Heaven through the spaces. All things breathe of my radiance. I shed my Self abroad in unending beauty; Heaven breaks in the heart and on the vision from me to all things, through all things. The old heaven and earth sink away into forgotten dreams because I have found my Self, because I know my Self, because I AM my Self. I have taken up the authority I had from before the worlds were spun on the ethers of time.

I decree Heaven and Heaven it is. My will is done on earth and it is all Heaven. My Kingdom is come and it is the new land of delight that steals on the vision and reaches the senses of all things. Nothing like the dreams of earth, nothing like the motions of matter ever reaches my universe. As silently as a moonbeam lights on a mountain, so silently has Heaven stolen on the gazes of all the creations of infinity.

I AM a tower whose elixirs of radiance reveal the visions of Heaven to the senses of man. From my Jesus Christ center I AM Heaven from this day forth to all the universe. This is my stopless, everlasting ministry. I do this. I AM this. My Name is a folding gate that opens and there is no sound. My Name is Jesus Christ, and in that Name I AM the Heaven of all this universe.

Its meaning is its influence. I AM its meaning, its influence, its heavenliness. I think this—I speak this—I write this—I live this. I AM what I Am. I do what I AM by knowing my Self as Jesus Christ the Heaven-sending Center of Being, the Heaven- sending Me. #

A time of transition

29 Days of Gratitude Love Recommendation: A time of Transition… feels a lil like quiet time.

Create a moment of stillness today.


better yet, create a daily ritual.

be creative

my daily ritual includes sitting in the am in silence by my plants while slowly sipping on tea or my cafecito.

It has become sacred to have this moment in my day.

Angry Cock, Angry Pussy ~ The Disease! with Rev Goddess Charmaine


My sweet brothers and sisters,

This show hits home for so many of us.  Rev. Goddess Charmaine is such a wonderful teacher and guide when it comes to Sexuality and Spirit and how they go hand in hand.

Her show airs every Wednesday on Blog Talk Radio at 8pm…  Highly Recommend

Click on the link below to listen to the show…

love you,

La shamanessa

29 Days of Love Recommendation Day 11: Ohm…

Pause today and sit silently or in prayer or in meditation…
For peace, love, healing, kindness, smiling faces, and a world wide hug.
I like to imagine all the the angels and beings on the other side joining together in one big circle hugging the earth with soothing gentleness and compassion. May we all feel love and peace today. I love you.
29 Days of Love Recommendation Day 11: Ohm…
Pause today and sit silently or in prayer or in meditation…

For peace, love, healing, kindness, smiling faces, and a world wide hug.

I like to imagine all the the angels and beings on the other side joining together in one big circle hugging the earth with soothing gentleness and compassion. May we all feel love and peace today. I love you.

Real Talk About Gratitude…

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
~Denis Waitley

real talk about gratitude:


I don’t do it so that I can be like a lil flower puff floating in the sky… (although that does feel good)

I take an active part in gratitude because I need it…

Because there are many days when I wake up and my first real thought is, “oh, what am I doing here, let me go back to where I was..” and then more awareness kicks in and I remember my breath. And I say thank you God/Goddess for another day, for another beginning for another opportunity to make things right, for a chance to live my passion and to tell those I love… I love you…

There are days when I wake up and the feeling of lonliness is the first thing that greets me… Not lonliness of people… I am in abundance of that,

but lonliness living in a world that feels so dense and heavy so much of the time.

These are the days when I hold myself and repeat over and over, “I love you”…

I have no choice but to open my life and make real space for slowness, for gentleness, for ease, for silence, for yoga and sitting in gratitude…

It’s either that or sink into the temptations of depression, anxieties, and mental illness…
I want more of myself than this. I want to be happier, to live happier, to be with good company. I want peace and I know that needs to start with me.

#loveliveshere #beautystartswithme

Are you seriously purging right now?

If we can just let go and trust that things will work out they way they’re supposed to, without trying to control the outcome, then we can begin to enjoy the moment more fully. The joy of the freedom it brings becomes more pleasurable than the experience itself.”
― Goldie Hawn

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In this video, Rosangel Perez talks about emotional stress and anger and why it’s important to identify how you are feeling.

She also talks about the importance of finding the right outlet that will help you “purge” those feelings/emotions out of your system. 

She also talks about awareness and the importance of cultivating a ritual where you “observe yourself”.

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Life is a Spiral of ups and downs, twists and turns…

Life is a spiral of ups and downs, twists and turns, forwards, and backwards, and then you start all over again.

It can be discouraging…


Life can feel so lonely, especially if you are trying to do something that “feels” or seems out of the norm.
Being “out of the norm” means you always “stick out” in some way.
And sticking out from the crowd
means attention…
often unwanted, unflattering attention…
a life of uninvited remarks, criticisms, intrusions, assumptions, envy, hatred, and abuse.

Inspired by others who fear your greatness.

Perhaps, you have allowed too much.

It is okay to love yourself too
and say
I won’t allow this anymore…”

It can be scary to radiate so brightly. It can feel like no one understands.

It can feel like you were born on the wrong planet
or the wrong era for that matter

and maybe you were
and maybe…

you are right where you are supposed to be…

because you are a child of the sun
because you came here to radiate beauty, love, kindness, and hope

because you came here to share your song, your poetry, your wildness, your authenticity…

you came here to share your simplicity,

to share your wisdom…
to remind us of the old ways

you are here to be love warrior…

one beautiful small step at a time…

breath by breath

oh what a fantastic voyage you have embarked upon dear one…

you must be pretty special
or why else would you have chosen to come here to experience such density?

Perhaps it was simply to shine your light…

to be


in this sea of human like robots…

there is a war for human souls
there is a war to control creativity
there is a war to keep us afraid to move
there is a war to keep us away from feeling

humanity is covered in a cloud of fear

Bless it all

and Shine Shine 

Radiant being of light child of the sun

love is the only way

you know that

and they know that too…

Let the love rebellion begin…

La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez – Visionary, Gratitude & Shamanic Movement Coach, Speaker, Blogger, & Radio Host of Cafecito Break